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Fallin' into Slades cluthes Robin is forced to serve him and through all of it eventually helps Slade deliver Raven to her father, Trigon. After Trigon kills Slade and conquers the Earth he allows his daughter to keep Robin as her personal servant as a way to keep her in check should she ever think of tryin' anything. And with Raven as all that he has left all Robin can do is keep her safe from her fathers enemies and Trigon himself. Striving towards this goal he gathers as many resources as he can in the wastelands and ruins of what was once his world. The damaged Helmet of Fate, the Starheart ring & power battery, the ashes of Jason Blood, the only remain' fragment of the Rock of Eternity, and many other mystical items from fallen heroes & villians. Even with the items, that are the only remainin' legacy from those they knew and fought, they are not enough to defeat Trigon. So they wait side by side for the day he will fall.
I was inspired for this little short by this [link]

If enough people are interested I'll write out a full story for this. :)

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December 6, 2012
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