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Penders said they could use his characters as long as they reinstated how he intended them to be used! Here's how things could have worked out if the greedy, stubborn, and idiotic people involved in this lawsuit had just thought about the fans!

All they'd would have had to do was have the future change, again, so that in King Sonic's & Lara-Su's time it would be something of an amalgam between the unaltered timeline and altered timeline.

Shard I think that's kinda evident. Either he's repaired or gets put into a virtual system like Nicole until a new body can be made.

Knuckles becomes Chaos Knuckles/Enerjack again to bring back his people. Or he has the old Tasmanian Devil that he encountered in Albion to convince Thrash to bring back the Echidna's he banished. Afterwards Knuckles could fix the damage his ancestors did to Thrash's species, the Tasmanian Devil's, or have the Echidna race undo what their ancestors did.

Ixis Naugus last I had seen possessed Geoffrey St. John. Going through the motions of deception and being found out I feel that Naugus would end up destroyed while leaving St. John with some sort of reminder of all that had happened.

Hershey the Cat/St. John I doubt is actually dead. She's most likely in hiding somewhere, maybe even with a child or children. There's a reason for her disappearing from the battle field, she found out she was pregnant and left to keep the child/children safe.

Mecha Sally get's blasted by Naugus's crystal magic but she doesn't get destroyed, and her being crystalized when she attacks "St. John" would help reveal him to be Naugus, after which in a desperate ploy Sonic or one of the others makes a deal with Mammoth Mogul to undo Naugus's crystal magic and thus returning Sally to normal like how Bunny was. And before anyone tries to say that's not possible it should be noted that

Bunnie had forgone her Robian parts to upgrade to stronger cybernetics, so it is possible to change Sally back.

As for Robotnik, I feel that either he gets destroyed or made less of a threat, maybe even robotized again or reverted back to a robotic head by reality being shifted back to normal. Another possibility is that Robotnik somehow gets switched with Eggman, possibly with Silver & time travel, and thus unknown to everyone in the past Robotnik got destroyed in place of Eggman while Eggman is switched with Robotnik. That may actually stabilize the Prime Zone greatly. There are many options to dealing with Robotnik.

St. John reveals unto the citizens that Naugus had used a spell to  amplify the citizens' emotions at Mina's concert, causing them to react strongly to Mina's musical message of suspicion against Nicole. That would thereby shame the citizen's and allow Nicole some freedom again.

Silver's time would be up in the air as either fixed or better off than it was, thus allow silver to form a new Freedom Fighters.

Did I not address a solution for a problem in the series? Please tell me if I did!
 murdered, and then it's remnants recycled into a piece of !@#$% placed in a pretty package and then I'm expected to stay a loyal customer! Well guess again dipshits! I have all but one of my fingers clenched and it's facing you! I don't know which of you three is to blame but you SEGA, ARCHIE, and Ken Penders are the most worst pieces of !@#$%^&* I've had the displeasure of knowing! And I've met a lot of !@#$%^ in my life! So I know what I'm talking about! Unless you fix the comic back to it's true glory you can never expect me to buy any future merchandise from you! NO games, comics, or whatever from you !@#$%^ !
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014   General Artist
Sounds reasonable to me.
victauron Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconclappingplz: Very well said. 
PhillyBlue Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow.  Just... no one has ever thought of these and yet they make so much sense! Knuckles and Sally's stories are so perfect and just picturing Hershey in that predicament... Shard's story was totally right on too. The Eggman/Robotnik part kind of confused me though, but all in all, this is the greatest solution ever thought up for the Sonic Archie comics! FRIGGEN EPIC JOB!!!!!!:happybounce: Nuu CURSE YOU! :la: Explosion 
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