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December 28, 2012
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Evil Buu Absorbtions continued by ParadoxalOrder Evil Buu Absorbtions continued by ParadoxalOrder
I decided ta continue with Evil Buu's absorbtions! X3

After absorbin' Cell Buu gained an increased likin' for combat and challanges. He created a tournament, the Majin Tournament, where all the fighters of the world had two years to train and become stronger so as to try their hand at defeatin' Majin Buu. And to make sure no one tried to use the Dragon Balls against him before the tourament he collected and stored them inside his body. The Z-Fighters had no choice but to train and hope that one of them would be strong enough to defeat Buu.

Two years have come & passed and Majin Buu has done nothin' to the people of Earth. The Z-Fighters come to the Buu's arena, intent on defeatin' him. To their surprise their are already another there, Bojack! It takes all Gohan's will to restrain himself. Before anyone can ask anything a helicopter comes flyin' in and dropin' off Mr. Announcer and several cameramen before leavin' as fast as it can. Mr. Announcer explains that on Buu's "request" this tournament will be for all the world to see.

Buu defeats each of the Z-Fighter that comes forward, turnin' them into candy and eatin' them for their power alone, until finally it's Bojacks turn.Before they fight Bojack thanks Buu for revivin' him if only to have him him destroy the Majin. He gives Buu a small challange for abit but ultimatly he is defeated as Buu decides to absorb him. With his transformation Buu stands before the remainin' fighters with even more power than before.

The rest of the tournament was nothin' as the remainin' Z-Fighters were defeat, turned into various candies, and devoured. Buu made short work of most of the populace on Earth, only allowin' a few to remain as a possible distraction later on. Durin' the course of several years he traversed the universe turnin' others into candy and destroyin' planets until he returned to Earth. Wantin' a challenge he used the Fragon Balls again and made two wishes, the first was that the Dragon Balls could never be used against him, and the second was that Hathiyack be brought back. With the evil living machine brought back to life Buu imediatly engaged him in combat by throwin' the first punch and sendin' him into the side of a mountain side. Hatchiyack emerged with little more than a scuff mark on his face and returned Buu's attack. The two were as titans as their fight ravaged the planet. After what was possible hours or maybe even a mere half hour Buu was convinced that Hatchiyack was worth absorbin'. Hatchiyack was the first to prove difficult for Buu to absorb as he kept avoidin' Buu's attempts until the Majin got in close and used his whole body to absorb him. The resultin' merge was more powerful than anyone expected as when he finished his transformation Buu tested the upper limits of his power by simply powerin' up and made all of the north quadrant who could sense his power, even those in the northern quadrant of Otherworld felt Buu's power.

With Buu reekin' havoc across the northern quadrant with his new power King Yama allowed the Z-Fighters and others who had 1 day among the livin' to go back and try to stop Buu. Buu welcomed the chance at a real challange again and fought them all as they wanted. Each was defeated one after the other until Buu was finally given a challenge in the forms of Goten and Trunks usin' the Potara fusion to become one warrior, Trunten.

As they leveled up to ssj3 Buu himself decided to level up as well. His body changed back to that of what his first absorbtion was like but far stronger than that, or any, of his previous forms. Trunten put up the best fight the Majin had ever had but eventually Buu defeated him. The fighters who hadn't been destroyed all returned to Otherworld, leaving the villian to eternity to find a better challange.

While finishin' up Evil's absorbtions I made several other FC's as I was inspired.

The first is a Potara fusion of Yamcha & Tien as I felt their Fusion Dance form was AWFUL! Yaien is what I call him.

Next is a fusion between Cell and Hatchiyack. Cell absorbed Hatchiyack and created....... umm gimmie a moment..... what do I call him?! :confused:

And finally a small fun thing I did after seein' Omega Buu here on DA. I call him Perfect Buu! He melds together the powers of Cell, Hatchiyack, and Bojack! He's not official to my Evil Buu fc story.

:iconblzofozz: allowed me the use of his DBZ sprites.

DBZ (c) to Atari and Toei Animation

Evil Buu fc, Yaien fc, Cell fc, Perfect Buu fc (c) :iconparadoxalorder:

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